CEO's Message

I am pleased to introduce to you a new outpost for the Shipbuilding and Offshore Oil & Gas Industries in Nigeria and throughout Africa. This is no longer in the future, it is now a reality.

SHI-MCI FZE has a fabrication and integration facility capable of fabricating 10,000MR annually. This facility was created through a cooperative process between Samsung Heavy Industries and Nigeria using a breakthrough engineering method, and began operation only 18 months after commencement of the construction.

Samsung Heavy Industries is a global leader in the Shipbuilding and Offshore Oil & Gas Industries, and has received commendations from advanced companies of the world. Its outstanding technological prowess and innovate spirit merged with Nigeria’s will and enthusiasm to trigger explosive synergies.

In 2018, SHI-MCI FZE successfully completed the in-country fabrication and integration of the Egina FPSO, the world's largest FPSO which started production in the Egina field in December 2018. This has immensely contributed to Nigeria's oil production and revenue and created over 50,000 jobs to Nigerians at the peak of the project.

With the successes achieved with the Egina FPSO, SHI-MCI FZE is in the progress of winning and carrying out not just the world's largest-scale projects but also servicing and building vessels of any size. In line with our expertise in local content, we are also providing technical support to government-led projects on local ship repair and maintenance.

We will create multitude of jobs, both directly and indirectly related to our projects, and will lead a quantum leap of progress in the relevant industries. We will contribute to the industrial growth and national interest in Nigeria and throughout Africa.

SHI-MCI FZE aims to be a positive cooperation model for world industries. Based on its philosophy of 'Respect for Life', it is implementing specific HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) policies for 'No Diseases, No Incident, and No Pollution' at its site. It is also developing lasting win-win relationships with diverse organizations.

SHI-MCI FZE will continue to work with the government and partners to build the future of the Shipbuilding and Offshore Oil & Gas Industries in Africa.

Gang, Kim