Social Contribution

SHI-MCI fze Shares Hopes and Love
We will Create a Society in which Everyone is Happy.

Since SHI-MCI fze launched its social contribution team in 1995, it has actively performed social contribution activities to help its needy neighbors, based on a corporate philosophy of sharing and co-prosperity.

The volunteering group of SHI-MCI fze consist of executives and employees, who are members of the 255 volunteering teams of each business unit, and is taking a leading role in developing a happy and healthy community through conducting volunteer activities in diverse social sectors, including local volunteering, environmental volunteering, volunteering at welfare facilities, visiting volunteering, youth services and scholarship programs.

The company operates a wide range of volunteer programs theme on a regular basis, based on a spirit of sharing. Our volunteer programs, which are customized for target regions and beneficiaries, include the renovation of seniors welfare centers and playgrounds; environmental clean-up; youth mentoring; support for the rehabilitation of the disabled; sisterhood relationship building with needy teenagers; scholarship support; a Food Bank program; book donation for young families; support for remote regions; donation of blood donors certificate cards, Kimchi donation of love, and support for agricultural villages in the busy season.

Our target regions are not limited to the areas adjacent to our business sites, but also include Kimhae City, Euiryeong County, and Naju City in Jeollanam-do. SHI has dispatched volunteer teams to aid in regions hit by typhoons and heavy snow. SHI-MCI fze will strive to fulfill its social responsibilities, and will work to create a society in which everyone is happy, through our diverse social contribution efforts.

SHI-MCI fze Will Bring a Bright and Hopeful Future to Teenagers

In order to help teenagers, who will be the leaders of the future, SHI-MCI fze has designated a teen mentoring program as one of its flagship social contribution initiatives, and has undertaken a diversity of activities in this field, including a campaign to prevent teen delinquency, night duty in crime-ridden districts, teenager volunteer club activities, and family volunteer club activities.

The company is also operating a volunteer education system to improve recognition of and resolve current teen issues.

SHI-MCI fze Will Contribute to Local Communities through a Wide Range of Social Contribution Efforts

SHI-MCI fze has contributed to the development of local communities through a wide range of efforts, including local services, facility services, visiting services, environmental services, and the operation of a scholarship program as well as a teen mentoring program.

SHI-MCI fze selects specific themes according to the month, in order to operate its service programs in a systematic and consistent manner. In January 2008, the company hosted the Rice Cake Sharing Event of Love, which followed the Love Your Neighbor campaign in December 2007. In addition, the company performs social contribution activities in diverse sectors by transforming social services into festive events that every participant can fully enjoy.